Need good  photos of small objects for the Web?  For inventory or customer records?  For appraisals?
Your images never seem as "good" as others you see.......   You need results quickly and simply......
You don't have time to learn a complex camera system.....   You don't have lots of room to devote......
The Dinolite USB Microscope Camera, used with our unique lighting accessories!
The camera attaches directly to your computer via a built-in USB cord. It is a video camera with frame capture capability.  
To take a picture simply mouse-click on the preview image on your computer screen. The camera may be hand held or
used on a small tripod.  The optional small-footprint 10 x 6 inch light box, designed by us, folds up for storage and  
includes a base which stabilizes the box and acts as a white background as well.
  This box provides very even, soft
illumination. Additional accessories, available only from us make any small object photo task extremely easy!
Our lighting accessories with the Dinolite USB microscope camera take less than one minute to set up and use! Even
difficult-to-photograph items like jewelry come out perfectly using our light boxes. And it can all be done in area one foot
square or less! So simple a child can do it!
Simply plug the camera into your notebook or desktop computer via the 6 foot USB cord supplied, the image appears on
the screen in real time.  Supply lighting, focus and click, that's it!
We have the solution!
All images and text copyrighted by Wayne Emery, 2007.  No copying without written permission.
Photo Solutions
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A-1 Tripod in use at take-in
Fold-away Light Box
TruLevel (Pat Pdg) & Diffuser
Multi-position Adjustable Finger accessory
Topaz pendant
5mm Princess cut diamond
Porosity on prong tip
Five-stone ring
1827 Half Dollar coin
Girdle inscription on diamond above
Pocket watch
Reverse of Lincoln penny
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