Dino-Lite AM 311S Camera
The AM 311S is a video camera capable of capturing still images. The resolution of the camera is 0.3
mega pixels; it produces images that are 640 x 480 pixels. Clicking on the thumbnail image below will
reveal the full 640 x 480 image as it appears from the camera. It is not retouched. It does, however,
lack the finer detail and better color saturation of the 411 model.

Because it can focus on a small flat area, it finds use as a reading aid for the visually impaired, who
can now see the magnified print right on the computer screen.  Similarly, it can be used as a
mini-projector for both still and moving objects. When used in such a manner with a large screen TV
or monitor it can replace a projection system costing thousands of dollars.

The lens of the 311S is surrounded by eight LED's (Light Emitting Diodes) that can be turned on or off
at will.  For normal use, these LEDs are turned OFF, and a supplemental light source is used.  We
find that two or three-tube fluorescent lamps are ideal when used with bulbs of Cool White or Daylight
quality.  Lamps by Ott and Dazor are specifically recommended.

If a sharper, larger or more detailed image is needed, we recommend the 411T camera.  Its larger
image sensor and crisper lens combine to create finer images of higher resolution (1.3 mega pixels)
as well as better color rendition.
Prong properly finished and in
final position (note odd fluorescent
color of stone)
Tip of ball point pen.  Note pixilation
on left side of image.
All images and text copyrighted by Wayne Emery, 2007.  No copying without written permission.
Reverse of U.S. half dollar
Army issue watch
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This camera is excellent for making record shots of the condition
of jewelry at the time of repair take-in or for making inventory
records of jewelry of all types.  
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material and the correct  Daylight type  it is
simple to create photos of jewelry suitable
for selling on the Web, selling on E-Bay,
documenting appraisals, jewelry repair
take-in and inventory recor