Coin and Stamp Imaging
If you have a need to make very close-up images of a coin, stamp or other thin, flat
object without touching the object itself, this is for you! It was developed in response
to requests from coin dealers for a way to photograph important small details of coins
without touching the surface of the coin or  the patina that develops on some coins.
The Close-Up Coin Imaging Device is milled from a very durable and unbreakable white plastic.  It has short steel pins on
one side that serve as "legs" to hold the device high enough to slip a coin underneath it without touching the coin.  A US
silver dollar will easily fit between the legs.
The top side of the Close-up Coin Imaging Device accepts any of the Dino-Lite Microscope cameras. A small notch,
indicated by the black marking in the photos, mates to the notch on the nose cone of the camera. Using the device with
this notch pointed away from you, as shown in the first three photos, assures that the image will appear right-side-up on
your computer monitor.
Top view, showing recess and
"right-side-up" indicator and
notch for camera nose cone.
Top view, showing old half
dollar partially under device.
Top view, showing old half
dollar centered under device
Device does not touch coin.
Bottom and oblique views of underside of Coin Close-up Imaging Device
showing stainless steel pins which acts as legs or spacers.
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Here the Coin Imaging Device is being used
inside our Light Box, providing very even
illumination when used with a secondary light
source such as the small Ott lamp at left.
All images and text copyrighted by Wayne Emery, 2007.  No copying without written permission.