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If you are not satisfied with your Dinolite product, simply return it with all packing materials in like-new condition within 21 days
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All Dinolite products carry a one-year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.
(Not damage caused by you).

Item                                                    Price                  Qty                Amount

Special #1, 411T, A-1 Tripod Kit, Light Box Kit  $428 plus S&H      Save $25!

Special #2, Same as above plus TruLevel Kit   $499 plus S&H      Save $53!

Dino-Lite AM 311 S Camera            $185.00

Dino-Lite AM 411 T Camera             $329.00

TruLevel with diffuser and risers     $99.00

A-1 Tripod Kit (3 piece)                      $59.00

Light Box Kit                                       $65.00

M-21 “Gooseneck” Stand                  $39.00

M-10 Portable Tripod                         $29.00

Adjustable Finger                             $189.00

Diamond Disc Kit                              $249.00

Coin Imaging Device                          $65.00                         

                                                                     S&H   $18.00         Total

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