Other Stands
These stands are provided by our distributor for general use with the Dino-Lite cameras.
MS-10B Triple Pod Stand
The MS-10B Triple Pod stand is approximately 6.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide at the bottom of the legs.  The legs are
flexible and allow SOME positioning of the camera in a vertical or generally downward direction only.  The unit is light
weight  and easy to store.
M-21 "Gooseneck" Stand
The M-21 gooseneck stand has a 12 inch flexible neck that allows the camera to be placed in a wide
variety of positions and orientations to the subject.

The base is approximately 8 inches wide, so the footprint is larger than either the M-10 Triple Pod
stand or the A-1 Tripod.

Many users find that fine focus on small objects is best done by moving the object rather than
depending on the gooseneck, as it is quite flexible and not so rigid as the other units.
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