TruLevel with Diffusion Screen
The TruLevel device (Pat. Pdg) is a sturdy one-piece holder designed to place and hold any of the DinoLite cameras
securely in a vertical position atop our light box. Once the camera has been focused, the hands are free to make other
adjustments or to capture the image without focus drifting. The TruLevel option includes a rigid camera holder plus a
Lexan diffusion screen.  A "lip" on the transparent nose cone of the camera fits into the holder and the holder fits snugly
into the hole in the diffusion screen, as shown. The object being photographed can be lit from the side of the light box or
through the diffusion screen from above for very soft illumination.
The TruLevel also insures that the camera is perpendicular to the bottom of the  box, assuring proper focus across large
flat items like coins or pocket watches.

The purpose of the reflector sheet across part of the front of the box is to reflect light back on to the subject, which helps
open up shadow areas and make a nicer image.

The color-correct Ott lamp seen above, far right, is available from JoAnne Fabrics. Every other month they are on sale for
$30.00 ! Perfect for grading diamonds, too!
All images and text copyrighted by Wayne Emery, 2007.  No copying without written permission.
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TruLevel (Pat Pdg) with open box
Footprint is 8" x 8"
TruLevel (Pat Pdg) with box and reflector
Foot print remains 8" x 8"
TruLevel with reflector panel and Ott lamp
    Footprint is 13" x 8"
Please note:  The holder for the camera has been improved.  It is
now permanently attached to the diffusion screen and all shipments
after 22 July, 2009 will receive the upgraded version.  Images
coming soon!