Adjustable Finger
Our adjustable finger accessory (Pat. Pending) is designed to handle almost any size ring.  The entire mechanism fits
neatly inside our small light box. The mandrel base can be rotated 360 degrees and the mandrel itself can be rotated
through approximately 210 degrees of arc.  This allows for maximum flexibility in positioning the ring to make an image.
Additionally, the ring can be rotated into ANY position on the mandrel and will not slip from position.  
All images and text copyrighted by Wayne Emery, 2007.  No copying without written permission.
The adjustable finger is a  mandrel that swivels
through 360 degrees and swivels thru an arc of
210 degrees. It is inlaid with a  rubber strip that
grips the ring securely, allowing the ring to be
photographed from any position. While it is not
necessary to use a lightbox with the adjustable
finger accessory, it does improve the quality of
lighting.  Using our  TruLevel device with the light
box and adjustable arm yields a very high quality
image, for E-Bay, publication, inventory records,  
or appraisals.
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