The A-1 Tripod Kit consists of a high
quality metal tripod, a machined Delrin
adapter to attach the Dino-Lite
cameras,  a rigid, white, cleanable sheet
of PVC used as a movable background
and a small ring holder.  The tripod
legs are 4 3/4 " long closed and 7 3/4"
long extended.
The camera can be used vertically,
horizontally or any position in between.
A-1 Tripod Kit
The tripod creates a very stable platform for
the camera.  Here, the camera is being used to
document the condition of a ring about to be
taken in for repair.  This documentation can
be of immense value to the jeweler when
before and after images are recorded with the
customer records.
The "footprint" is quite small and the entire
setup can be taken down or set up in seconds.
 With good overhead lighting, no other
accessories are required to create satisfactory
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Please note actual color of tripod or holster may vary.